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Cara Install Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

Have you ever  tried contacting  a Microsoft Volume Licensing service center.   This  is usually  done to  fix the types of problems associated with this product.   Many types of accounts   have actually been offered by this product to make all users feel more comfortable using them at work.

One of the  accounts that is usually needed is  VLSC or also known as Volume Lic ensing Service Center. When you create   this account  for the first time, then a VLSC  account   can  of course  be set up.   You’ll then be asked  to  confirm your email to complete the account creation process.

How to access software through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

Have you  ever thought  about managing software through VLSC?   As it turns out, this really  isn’t  impossible.   In fact,  there have been many people who have made this experience. When you have just purchased  Micorosoft software  , then accessing the software can be done through VLSC.

To access software through the  Microsoft Volume Licensing   service center, the steps below need to be properly understood and studied.

  1. Register an account via VLSC

The first and most important step you have to  take is to register your account with VLSC.

  1. Sign up for email at Microsoft

After signing up for an account via VLSC, you can now sign up  for emails. This   really is a must and cannot be ignored no matter what the reason.   Many different emails can be done including if you are  a user  from  Yahoo or a user from Gmail.


  1. Visit VLSC website

The third step is necessary when you visit the official website of  the Microsoft Volume Licensing service center.  This can be done through long   After signing  in to the site, don’t forget to sign  in with the Microsoft account you signed up for earlier.

  1. Download

After the above three steps you perform  carefully  and carefully, the last step to  do is to download the software.    This can be done by clicking on the DOWNLOAD AND KEY section.  This button is located at the end of the VLSC header. The list of software can be downloaded here.  How, easy, right?

Benefits of using the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

Some people may not know what a VLSC product is.  However, this product really has its own  advantages  related to Microsoft. The program certainly has several different lists of products that first appeared.  This doesn’t seem to be well known.

The  VLSC program  itself  actually has a rather different list than the products in Retail Stores.   Here are some examples of very significant differences.

  1. Configuration

In fact, the Microsoft Volume Licensing  service center  itself  offers quite different configurations with some applications. This is especially true for  the office departments offered.   You can see a  rather noticeable difference in  the  Officenya section.

  1. Server applications

Some of the different things  that emerge  from  the VLSC can also  be seen from the server  application  and  other  applications  used.   The applications in   the company’s operations as well as the  development  of the software used seem different.


In this case,  some  of the available software can only be accessed through Volume Licensing. This is not found in the retail version. So anyone who wants to use it has to go through the VLSC officially.

  1. Upgrade Windows

One difference that seems to stand out in  VLSC is in terms of window upgrades.   Although this  is available in Volume  Licensing, it is still in the  operating system   license  that does not provide it in full.

From some visible differences, it is certain that  the products offered are clearly different from the previous ones.   The products sometimes  published are actually not the same  and different although both come from Microsoft.

For example, when you ask for as  many as a few copies of Windows 8  in English, Microsoft will only send room CDs in English.   You will not receive software to perform  additional installations in other languages such as French, Spanish,  and  others.

The softwareis available at the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center.

Are you interested in one of these  Microsoft families  ? One of these important products offers quite interesting software to use.  When using this software, there are a number of advantages that  you will later get.   You will receive certain licenses when you install the installer.

Some types of products obtained from the Microsoft Volume Licensing  service center   are as follows.

  1. Service Packages

The first interesting software  for you to get when using VLSC isthe Service Pack.   You will receive this  updated product by meeting certain requirements.   Usually, you have to meet the requirements to do before downloading.

  1. Diverse offices

The next interesting software  that you will surely also get is the Language Pack.   This version  of  the Windows  Office product  has permission to request the Multilingual Pack.   This will give an advantage to anyone as it  can use many different languages that have been offered from Microsoft.

  1. Download previous versions of the product

Another advantage that you can definitely  enjoy after using VLSC is being able to download previous versions of the product. This can be done through the website.   After that, you will get the previous version at a certain address that has been provided.

These different  advantages  will surely be obtained by all users from VLSC. If you’re interested in   getting it, then do it first.

How to use downloads in the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

As explained before, this product can  actually be used to download  the different  types of files needed.    However, do you know how to use the results of  files from downloading via VLSC? If you feel confused about  how to  use it, then the following method can be learned easily.

  1. Burning pain

Have you ever  burned a CD?   This is similar when you plan to record  files downloaded from VLSC.   The software will then issue a command to execute the recording. So you can burn via CD or DVD before you start using it.

  1. Open the ISO file

Another way to do this is to open the file that was downloaded via ISO. Once you have software with ZIP fields, then copy the  contents of the file first to the computer.

  1. Mount from   ISO file

The last way   to  do this is to mount the file from the ISO.   This can of course  be done if you already have an ISO file.   You can then mount  files  to access files that appear to be already in the drive.

Well, this product from VLSC is really   widely used today.   You can start doing this with  the exact steps  provided above.   Various  benefits can be achieved by using products from VLSC.   So you’ll install  the Microsoft Volume Licensing service center

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