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How to make a BCA credit card for ACC speed

Not a few people think that making a BCA credit card is so difficult. BCA is the largest private bank in Indonesia. In the community, BCA grows from year to year to become the best private bank in terms of products, services and others.

BCA provides various services and products, including a credit card. Of the different types of credit cards offered by banks, it can be said that BCA credit cards have many enthusiasts. Even every day there are people who are interested in applying for a BCA credit card.

Credit card nowadays is like menjonein a need, especially in masa as it is now, compared tokan bypayments in cash, payingusing a credit card is considered more fun and practical. We only have to pay the whole bill at the end of the month.

Even for business people, credit cards are very useful because they can be used to first buy goods for production needs andat the end of the month just make payments based on the amount of the bill. If you are increasingly interested in using a BCA credit card, here’s how to  create a BCA credit card and provide complete information.

Benefits of Having a BCA Credit Card

Having a BCA credit card certainly offers several advantages compared to credit cards from other banks. The first advantage is that you can enjoy very competitive credit rates. All the BCA credit cards you use, whether it’s Visa or Master Card, all have very attractive interest rates.

Secondly, you can shop abroad at your leisure. You can safely and securely shop abroad by using a credit card from BCA, in addition, the exchange rate of this credit card is very low. BCA even offers BCA Travel Service, which will help you during your holiday abroad.

Third, payments are received in real time. If you make a credit card payment using a BCA ATM, BCA By Phone, orby  using ber as a BCA transaction facility, the amount of the limit you have at that time will automatically increase immediately, even if you makethe payment on holidays.

Fourth, it has a very wide sales network. How to make a BCA credit card is so sought after, one of which is because of this advantage. The merchant network of BCA credit cards is very broad and is even supported by more than 1200 branches across the country. BCA has even collaborated with 6500 traders.

Types of CC BCA you need to know

BCA offers a wide selection of credit card types and is distributed based on payment. In addition, the limit of this credit card is also different, so you can adjust it to your needs and income. Here’s more information about the choice of BCA credit card types:

  1. BCA card. Several cards that are included in the type of BCA card, such as the Everyday Card. The limit of this card is IDR 3 million and has an annual fee of IDR 125 thousand. There is also a Platinum card with a limit of IDR 20 million and an annual fee of IDR 250 thousand. Finally, there is the Indomaret Card with a limit of IDR 3 million and an annual fee of IDR 125 thousand. How to make a BCA credit card is pretty simple.


  1. BCA Mastercard. In the BCA Mastercard card type, the platinum type has a limit of IDR 20 million, while the annual fee is IDR 450 thousand, the black type has a limit of IDR 20 million and an annual fee of IDR 450 thousand, finally the Matahari Mastercard, a limit of 3 million and an annual fee of IDR 125 thousand.


  1. Visa Batman has an annual fee of IDR 125 thousand and a limit of IDR 3 million, Visa Black limit of IDR 20 million and an annual fee of IDR 450 thousand, Singapore Airlines Visa, annual fee of IDR 500 thousand and a limit of IDR 20 million. How to make a BCA Black credit card is quite difficult, but the given limit is large.


  1. BCA JCB Card. Types of BCA JCB Card are divided into 2 types, namely Nationwide Privileges and World Privileges. This credit card product is actually a special product, so you can contact BCA directly with information about annual fees and card limits.

How to make a BCA credit card

Before you create a BCA credit card, make sure that you have met the various requirements of BCA, such as the minimum age of the card applicant is 21 years old and up to 65 years old, then the minimum monthly income is Rp. 4 million and for some cards at least Rp. 3 million.

Documents that must be prepared when you want to apply for a card, such as ID cards, proof of income for employees and professionals. If you are self-employed, you must attach financial statements. In addition, other files such as photocopies of savings accounts. NPWP, a professional license for those of you who work as professionals and a deed of business establishment for the self-employed.

If different types of documents are complete, creating a BCA credit card  can be done online and offline. If you want to apply online, you can go directly through the BCA website or through financial services that have worked with BCA.

If you choose to apply for a credit card offline, all you have to do is visit the nearest BCA branch and bring several documents with you. Later, customer service will assist you in processing the card application request. Fill out all customer service forms, make sure you fill them out in full. So that the card can be processed faster.

Tips for BCA credit card applications to be accepted

While it’s very easy to create a BCA credit card , you’ll need to meet several conditions to accept your credit card application. You must complete all the documents requested by the bank. In addition, make sure that the requested documents are in accordance with your needs so that the application can be processed quickly.

Second, make sure you have a good credit history. Bank BCA certainly does not want to accept applications if you have a bad credit history. So make sure you don’t have any payment arrears or a non-performing credit history for at least the last 6 months. If you still have installments, make sure you pay on time.

Thirdly, the income corresponds to the criteria required by the bank. It has been explained that the minimum income should be IDR 3 million and there are some cards that are IDR 4 million. Make sure your income is appropriate. Some types of jobs can be quite risky, if so, you can start saving with BCA so that there are enough savings.

fourth, having sufficient savings in a BCA account. Actually, it will be easier if you have a sufficient amount of money in your BCA account, or have been a BCA customer for many years. By becoming a loyal customer, the bank will of course take your application into consideration.

Indeed, BCA credit card may be the best choice for those of you who want to have a credit card with professional and complete services, especially since the offers offered each month are very attractive. How to make a BCA credit card is also very simple and the process is very fast, so what are you waiting for.

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