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Don’t atir  khao,  get in touch with J.I.C. Center problems

Getting a call center is one of the service centers to  help overcome the problems felt by  getting users and please   note that each app is definitely nothing perfect so it really takes a service like this to get inputs and also be able to solve problems belonging to your users  .

This app is one of the platforms to provide satisfaction   to its users because it provides easily that it can replace your users when you want to do something  , especially now that the program  also competes with other similar applications   because it is quality and  almost as good.

What is a call center grab?

Grab Yourself is one of the Cassie applications that will allow you to experience  ojek  online  services and other services that allow you to go out of the house if you want to do something like buy or others  since the performance of this program is also very important, so a call center is required.

So what is the call center of    the app?  

Is the following complaint? Just contact the service centre

Have any of you ever felt dissatisfaction when using this app? In fact, the error in this app seems to be a natural thing because there is often a mi interface between the driver and the partner who cooperates with the grab .

If you think about this but want to file a complaint in order to get an improvement in the service, then the solution is to contact the service center of the program. Then what kind of problems can be complained about in this program? There are several common problems that are often experienced and can be sued as follows.

Non-conformity of order quantity during order

One of the problems you can ask so   that it can be corrected through the call center is when you order an item, whether it is through  grabmart or grabfood  but the goods actually come when it doesn’t match the order  . . . if you feel uncomfortable and feel that the item ordered is very important, you can report it to. Get the service center  you want.

You can file this complaint within 1×24 hours. Because in fact the issue cannot be filed  if it has been more than 1 day. If you complain before the grace period, you will get an alternative case or the case for completing your order is to open the settings in the app.

When you want to file a complaint, you can open the Service Center settings and then file a complaint by selecting the “Goods/Order is ordered, not accordingly” option. After  that, the client will be asked to immediately fill out a form to confirm whether the accepted problem is correct or not  , the partner will be given compensation on the amount of commodity prices through the ovo virtual balance.

GrabMart commands that experience a problem

Have you continued to have the problem of goods you ordered through grabs, but the situation of the goods does not come in line with expectations?

The method is also very simple because you can try to open the settings and then select the Service Center option and then select “Grabmart order I ordered is damaged/not fresh”. But when you want to file a complaint like this, then you are required to take a picture of the case  through  4  different parties to ensure that the case actually meets the standards when suing  .

In accordance with other types of submissions, you can file a problem like this in getting a pa call center if  it is still in  a period  of 1×24 hours.   But in the case of confirmed responses, it may be acceptable after  2×24 hours because the catch will be carried out first.

K assessment andDrivers et al.

The in-app service center turns out not only to function to file problems or complaints, but can also be used as a solution or help center for you if you still  feel unfamiliar enough with this one program  .

Giving reviews or stars to drivers and partners is one of the important things to improve the quality of the catch and should be done  by users  however, there are some parties,  especially new users who  don’t know about how to do this.

You don’t have to be confused if you want  to overcome this, because there are simple ways that can be applied so you are able to give stars or reviews  .

After selecting this option, then you will be able to get a way or shortcut so that you can direct directly to be able to provide ratings or reviews. If this method is considered quite complicated if done   , then you can try contacting   the call center directly to ask for help .

So it can be known that this program delivers very satisfactory services and prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction to be able to continue the commitment of this program. No wonder if this app can compete with others and can be one of the most commonly used apps for everyday life for some people in doing an activity or in helping them.

Curious about how to contact the service center  or contact G Rabbit Center  ? you will be able to evaporate this method immediately if you pay close attention to the information below. Help.

After opening the window, you can scroll down the list and immediately find the option “Still need help? Contact us.” This is where you are given a way to be able to contact the service centre.

If you feel trouble doing so, you can try to call the number using credit. THE NUMBER THAT CAN BE CONTACTED UNTIL THE CONSTRUCTION OF THIS ARTICLE IS 021-8064 8777 FOR THE JABODETABEK AREA WHILE 021-80648799 IS FOR THE OUTER AREA.

With this, we don’t all have to doubt anymore how the performance and quality provided by grab is accepted depending on how responsible the program is by providing customer service so that it can be enjoyed by everyone able to raise problems. There is currently a solution for all of you who want to complain, i.e. by contacting the call center.

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