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How to Check West Java Online Vehicle Tax Easily

Of course, there is a way to check vehicle tax online  in West Java that you want to prove where this can help you process tax payments easily. As we know, vehicle tax is one of the obligations that has to be paid by the whole community.

Of course, before a payment is made, it is very important that the public knows how much tax should be paid, especially if they have committed a breach. But now everyone doesn’t want to feel sad so it has to be easier during the payment and checking process.

Therefore, there is a way to be able to find out how much tax should be paid with the online system. Moreover, connecting to the internet is not a difficulty in this day and age. Because everyone has used the internet through smartphones, which makes it easier for them to check.

Here are some ways that can help you check  the vehicle tax online  in West Java, guaranteed in this way so you   don’t experience a hassle anymore. However, so far there are still so many people who do not know how so they often make mistakes or confusion. Even because of these conditions, they choose to use the old way of wasting time and energy.

So with this new system, you don’t have to  wait in line for a long time or come early in the morning just to make a payment. Therefore, it is a good idea for you  to  access Samsat. In order to make it easier for you, it is mandatory to find out more about this E-Samsat so that you can use it in the best way.

Find out the E-Samsat Vehicle Tax Control Application



If you want to check vehicle tax online  in West Java, you can access E-Samsat  but there are still many people who don’t know what an E-Samsat is. Samsat itself is one of the applications that provides services for tax payments as well as checks and ratifies the STNK. Of course, if you use this, it will make it very easy for taxpayers to check.

Because taxpayers   don’t have to come early in the morning or agree as much as possible to make payments. Moreover the presence of this application is to avoid scalpers, because often the presence of these scalps is annoying but actually harms the taxpayer. The presence of this is in fact to make it easier but the purpose of their existence is to commit fraud subtly.

Because you will later make a lot more payments than you should, it is definitely better to pay directly but you can waste your time and energy.

Therefore, due to these conditions, E-Samsat is present to make it easier for taxpayers but not to cheat. So it’s a pity if by now you are. Even though the purpose of checking the online vehicle  tax  in West Java is for the convenience of all parties.

Using this application, you can eliminate scalper practices that can harm many parties because they have benefited greatly from your condition. Plus tax payments can be made through ATMs so it doesn’t force you to have to come to the office directly.

How to Make a Tax Check Online

To check the vehicle tax online  in West Java, there are three ways, namely using the sambara application, through the US website and code. If you use the sambara application, you must first download it to your Smartphone.

Sambara itself means  Samsat mobile West Java, the presence of this application is very helpful, especially now that everyone is using a smartphone. In addition, the application can not only help with verification but can also make tax payments on an annual basis.

This application itself is officially issued by the government because it is managed directly by  the West Java government. If you do not want to use the application, you can check directly on the website of the West Java regional revenue agency.

Checking motorcycle tax online  in West Java through the website is also no less easy because you only need to enter the police number of your vehicle and motor vehicle number. Then you just need to enter a captcha that serves as a security code.

After clicking on it, you will get the necessary information, that is about the amount of tax to be paid. If you use a USB code, there is no need for an internet network where you just need credit.

You can do it by phone or SMS, if you want to make a call you just need to call *368*1#. To make an SMS you can send a message on the number 88893. Using all these facilities, there is no longer a reason for you not to know how much tax you are paid and there is even no reason to pay late.

 Yang Requirements Must Be Met If You Want to Make a Payment

After checking the  West Java  online motorcycle  tax  , don’t forget to know what conditions are required if you want to make a payment. In this way, the payment process can also be done quickly.

Of course, if you want to use this facility, it is certain that your vehicle  must be registered in the West Java area. And another condition is that the vehicle is not being blocked by its ownership data. If you are blocked, you must take care of it directly in the office so that it can be open.

Then the taxpayers are also the private owners of the vehicle So it is not on behalf of the institution or foundation. In addition, taxpayers must also have a valid electronic ID card, if the masses that have expired are valid, then you must first take care of the disdukcapil.

And you must also have an active phone number in order to make it easier to contact. Then you must also have savings and ATM cards at BNI BCA BRI CIMB niaga banks, permata mandiri, and BJB. However, if you only want to check motorcycle tax online   in West Java, there is no need to open an account at the bank.

The purpose of having to use the bank is to make it easier if you want to pay it through an ATM  .

In addition, payments shall also be made six months before maturity. Therefore, here are some conditions that need to be met if you want to make payments easily so you don’t waste your own time and energy.

The Importance of Checking Before Paying

Many people wonder why it is so important to check motorcycle tax online  in West Java, although it is very important to do so, but there are still many people who take it for granted. The main reason why you should make a check is to find out how much tax should be paid. In such a way, you can prepare funds.

Under these conditions, there will be no more tax evasion, where taxes themselves are one of the state’s revenues so that they can be used to develop the region for the better. Therefore, if you pay taxes on time, it is equivalent to helping the state in the development of the region. In addition, if you are late to make payments, you may be subject to fines.

This condition if you remain allowed will only make it difficult for you  to make tax payments. Therefore, it is better to make payments on time in order to avoid oversight and fines.

Of course, the tax on each vehicle is also different so that some are cheap and expensive. It is therefore very important for you to  take care when it is payment time. Especially if your vehicle tax  is very high, so here are some ways you want to practice  if you want to check or pay online.

So with all these types of conveniences there is no longer any reason for delays in the payment process. Of course, it is a great pity that with ease of information at this time you do not know the tax control of the west Java online motorcycles  .   Even if the purpose of making this system is for mutual convenience.