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Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java in 2021

 The leadership of the Governor and Deputy Governor of  West Java is  certainly very important in implementing the rules in their area.  During  the term of office, the role of the   leader  becomes a personality  who   will be respected  for realizing public policy.  Not only that  , leaders should be able  to help and lead the people to  improve  the  level  of  welfare  .

Through  this fact  , it is important to know  that   leaders  are  elected once   every  few years  . The process  also goes through the general elections of  regional heads as per  procedures established by  specific state agencies.  Therefore, the  time for selection of officers for common good will be  carried out in a fair, honest and transparent manner.

Of course, each term of office varies  according to the results of the elections chosen by the people  .  At the moment,  there is already a  credible leader who  occupies  the position of governor for the West Java region  .  To know its full profile and functions, we will describe detailed information about the leader.

Equipped with this information, at least you can understand what the current background of the Governor is like. When you know about his profile, you will also get to know about his leadership style and achievements during the government.  Therefore, please know in advance about the  complete profile of the West Java Regional Leader in  2021.

 Complete West Java Province Leader Profile and Data

Data  from the governor and deputy governor of West Java showed that the regional leader was from the city of Bandung.  After first succeeding in becoming mayor, he  has now managed to  become  the winner of the regional  elections since 2018  .  The  current West Java leader is named Ridwan Kamil or familiarly known as Kang Emil.

This West Java regional leader was born on  October  4, 1971, born in Bandhung.   The level of education is also quite high  as she  graduated from  the premier Bendang Institute of Technology in infrastructure.  As far as the master’s degree is concerned,  it was taken in the United States, named The University of Berkeley, California.

Prior  to joining  politics, Ridwan Kamil  had  a job as an architect as the main profession  .  Talking about the side occupation, Kang Emil  also worked as  an ITB  lecturer but he did not settle down.  Starting from there, it was found that there was  a  turmoil to try to enter politics.

Before serving as governor and deputy governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil became mayor of Bandung in 2013  .  During his tenure,  he continued  to show major  reforms that   were  able  to  transform the city for the better. In any aspect or aspect,  it   proves to  be able to enable the city of Bandug to  receive the  best award.

Starting  with this  , Kang Emil’s name and leadership style began  to be seen by the wider  community  .  At the  end  of 2018,  the West  Java Regional Head began  applying for  the government.  The  result  was the ability to appoint Ridwan Kamil  as  a permanent and authoritative governor for the  West Java government area.

 Profile and data of west Java province’s  most complete sub-leader

Discussions about the  governor and deputy governor of West Java  will continue on the profile of the deputy side.  Detailed  information about  the regional  leadership was  provided after  the previous discussions, now it is the turn to  discuss the deputy.  In  a government, of course,  coordination  between the leader  and his deputy must cooperate with each other.

Uyyu Ruzanul Uloom was born on May 10, 1969  , in  the city of Tasikamalya  based on his early profile  .  For the issue of educational background, it turns out that Ruzanul Uloom is a bachelor’s graduate from Silivangi University.  Interestingly, Ruzanul Uloom  had entered  politics before  Ridwan Kamil  in a  government career.

It has been   noted  that since its inception, Yu has been the leader and has been serving as  regent in the  Tasikalaya  region.  Interestingly, Yuyu has won twice at the same time since 2011 and  continues to be  a payartahana. However, in 2018   it preferred  to  move forward in government at the  provincial level.

When he nominated  the leader of West Java paired  up with Ridwan Kamil,  this  proved to be a victory and officially became his deputy.  There are many parties  that  carry the  law as representatives, such as  the PPP, Hanura, PKB and Nasdem.  Although Kang Emil is an independent candidate,  the law is actually run by four parties at  the same time.

Finally, the governor and deputy governor of  West Java  have now been successfully placed until their  term  is over.   You can learn more about what the  leadership of  two important figures in the  West Java region  looks like.  Later on,  it  will be known more clearly about the  administration of  Ridwan Kamil  and the consequences of the  Ruzhanul Ulm Law.

Duties as Governor and his Deputy during administration

After discussing each profile, you can now continue to understand the state. Local leaders should have certain responsibilities that  have  been  established under the law to fully fulfill.   In order for  the wheels of the government  to run smoothly, it must  participate in the guidelines for duties as a leader.

It should be  noted  that every governor and deputy governor of  West Java should have responsibilities during the term of  office  .  Of course, when understanding the duties of each party    , it must go through  the various  authorities  appropriately.  An example of the first work to be done  is intense communication as well as  good  coordination of the entire range.

In addition, the  Nava CITA guidelines  are to be properly implemented  during his tenure as a regional leader.  It is important for the leader and his deputy to  help  maintain the order of the community  in provincial life.  If  new  cases are being admitted from  the  policy making stage then create  local rules  and implement them.

Based on the  main duties of the  governor and deputy governor of West Java, this means that they must coordinate at the same time.  Every action should focus on serving the public interest to the maximum extent possible to   improve the welfare of the  people.  This effort will be made so that the  performance and performance of every element of the society  can be improved.

There  are  basic prohibitions that the leadership cannot make  in the three rules of the union ministry.  These are changes in personnel, cancellation of permits from previous officials, and  making contradictory policies.  Through such a rule  , it is certain that the wheels of the government will also be smooth  during office.

Achievements of Ridwan Kamil during his tenure

Since 2018, he has  served  as regional head, of course,  there should be significant changes and reforms.  All  these types of benefits are realized to enable them to  help   the   activities of  every element  of society run smoothly.   If there is  an  increase in one aspect,  it is possible that other aspects will also be positively affected  .

Many of  the achievements of the  Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java during the reign were to  good results  .  For economic matters,  this  proved to be  one of the focus  of  investment in the  Southeast Asian region.  Many investors  enter West Java  to provide funds in different specialized sectors.

According to  the data done  by BKPM, it has been found that the West Java region occupies  the highest position in Indonesia  .  As an  investment destination area, West Java has been able to receive investor funding of  Rs  120.4 trillion.  Knowing the existence of this large number,  it  would have been immediately hailed as  a valuable achievement in the time of government.

Due to this increase in  investment, it is  certain  that the  level of the economic sector, including MSMEs  , will increase.  The agriculture sector  is  also  able to achieve maximum yield  as per  harvesting whose quality will be improved.   As long as  there  is such an improvement, it can be ascertained  that the standard of living of the people is towards the point of welfare.

In fact  ,  there are still many other awards and achievements  that Ridwan Kamil has received from any aspect.  In fact, it is said that at present Ridwan Kamil  is  a role-model  for modern  regional leaders.  It should thus be  applauded for  the  achievements of the  Governor and Deputy Governor  of West  Java during their tenures  .

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