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How to  contact your  Commerce call center to fix all your problems

Knowing the call center niaga or cimb Niaga is  indeed very important for the community because it is very helpful in case of a problem.   The call center’s own bunk can be done quite easily.   It’s just that not all people know  how to do it, especially if it’s the first time.

As we already know,  Cimb Niaga itself became one of the national private banks , where it was originally called  Niaga.   The existence of this  private bank turned out to be chosen by many people due to a number of advantages that customers would receive.   It doesn’t stop there –  the services and facilities in it are  also quite complete.

Not only that, since   its inception, this bank has  also used various services and facilities based on information technology.  In addition,  this  trade also turned out  to be the first bank  to  provide services to  the public in Indonesia in the  form of ATMs.

In 1991,  this bank  turned out  to be a bank in which it provides services to its customers in the form of online services.  The service is also part of the Niaga call center,  where having customer service makes  it easier for customers to get in touch anytime, anywhere  to ensure satisfaction.

Cimb Niaga is also listed  on  the Jakarta  Stock Exchange and the Surabaya Stock Exchange .  The achievements of this bank are able to make it in the category of the largest bank in  Indonesia  .  The position turned out to be based on the assets of the company concerned.

Getting beyond CIMB Niaga Bank

Before you ask  how to contact the Niaga call center,  it is very important to learn more about  Indonesia’s largest private bank. CIMB Niaga itself belongs to the fourth largest banking class in the country. As for  this  , if you look at the assets that are owned.   Most of its shares are owned by CIMB Group.

The main activity or product offered by this company is business capital credit or home ownership.   That’s what makes Niaga a bank — the   third-largest provider of home property loans in the country.   In addition, various programs and services are offered to attract more customers.

In 1976 launched a professional credit program, where it is a type of loan for specialists such as engineering experts, doctors and others. From 1981 to 1982, it already implemented the  Internet banking  system and the branch network system.   3 years later, it formed a network of business units to exchange  official foreign valuta and has been launched in several branches.

In addition, CIMB turned out to be 1987 . became the first banking company to  offer services in the form of ATMs to its customers in Indonesia.   Exactly in June 1989, it became the moment when the bank offered its  first share offer  to become a joint stock company.   Only in May 2008, he officially changed his name to BANK CIMB Niaga.

Call Center Niaga uukComplaints

Of course,  each of us, who uses banking services, sometimes finds problems, such as problems with previously provided services.   To overcome this problem,  we really need the presence of a call center of the company in question so that it  is  easier  to overcome  the problem.

At first, this call center  itself turned out  to be the best service for customers with free  services.   Unfortunately, the service turned out to be no longer available.   But there is no need to worry, because you can easily and quickly connect with them through a smartphone.

For those who have problems, make acomplaint to bi sa immediately  by calling 14041, which is the official Trade Call Center  .  Through this service, customers can solve  banking problems  that happen to you.    A variety of problems can be presented to the customer service department or call center, including:

  1. Loss of your credit card
  2. Forgot your credit or debit card PIN
  3. Lost passbook
  4. Credit or  debit card   blocking process
  5. And other problems are associated with the services and opportunities provided.

Not only that, but part of this call center  is  also in standby mode for 24 hours.  This way,  you will  be comfortable making complaints anytime, anywhere.   In addition to  the Niaga call center,  you can also send an email to 14041@cimb for more information.

How is the appeal  procedure of Bank Cimb Niaga

Already know the  Niaga call center  number?   For those of you who do not know how the procedure for filing complaints with the bank is actually very easy to do.   It’s just that most people are still  confused about doing it  . In order not to be mistaken , here is the procedure for filing a complaint with this bank.

To file a complaint with Niaga Bank, this can be done by contacting the relevant call center number directly  . Once connected, you can immediately pass on a complaint or problem  where it is facing.   Be sure to communicate the information  as best as possible so that they understand the problem and offer the best solution.

In addition to this number , there are other alternatives that help customers submit complaints,  for example through their social media, namely:

  1. Facebook: CIMB Business
  2. Twitter: @cimbTrade
  3. Instagram: @cimb_Market
  4. Website:

There are a number of documents for which you must  first be prepared before deciding to contact a  trade call center,  such as personal identity, chronology of complaints, data or supporting documents (e.g. proof of transaction, opposition form, or other) and  the phone numbers of complainants.

 Advantages of Cimb Niaga Bank

Do you already know how to contact the call center of this bank?   You also need to know what the advantages of the bank are.   just look at the review below

  1. He has a complete product

The first  advantage  of being a customer in the trade  is that there are complete products including  Xtra services, Hypermart Savers, AirAsia Savers, Konto and more.   If there is a complete product, it can be  adapted to  the needs of potential customers .

  1. It has a responsive and communicative call center section

For those of you who want to complain about various problems,  such as  losing a credit or debit card,  forgetting your PIN to lose your savings,  you don’t have to  worry because they own a responsive and communicative call center, so it can be easily relied upon.

  1. Scattered in different major cities

Even  being  a client at this bank  is not difficult to do , because there are branches in almost all major cities of Indonesia.  In this way, it will  be easier  for you to get services and products according to your needs.

Cimb Niaga is one of the largest private banks in Indonesia , offering  its customers a variety of services and  the best options.  In case of  complaints or problems, the  Niaga call center  can be relied on .

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